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At Wenrich Wealth,
our focus is on

our CLIENTS and

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Ron Holliday, Jodie Wenrich and J. J. Wenrich

J. J. Wenrich CFP® is the president and founder of Wenrich Wealth and a 20+ year veteran of the investment and financial services business. He and Jodie met as rookie financial advisors in Kansas in 2000 and were quickly married.


Ron Holliday is a 30+ year veteran of the investment and financial services business and has been active in Murrieta, CA area business, politics, civics and service for over 40 years.

J. J. met Ron during his years with Ivy Investments. Ron was one of J. J.'s first calls after opening Wenrich Wealth, and they quickly became business partners.

The three of us take pride in being an educational resource for members of our community, regardless of whether or not they are clients.

J. J. is author of the book Teaching Kids to Buy Stocks: Stories and Lessons for Grown-Ups, and a frequent guest on podcasts, radio and news programs.

Pebble Beach

How it started...


J. J. and Jodie in their rookie days as financial advisors in Kansas.

JJ and Jodie Wenrich in their old office
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Phone: 949.325.8325 


Wenrich Wealth Management Financial Plan

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